Thanks for checking out my personal website. 😊

This site was primarily born out of the fact that CesarRuiz.com was finally on sale and I snatched it up at the earliest opportunity. To make myself feel better about this impulse buy I figured I should spend the time to actually build out a personal website.

Here’s what you can expect for Phase 1.

As of August 2019 there are three main things I am focusing on:

  1. Reading: Nothing will get in the way of my annual reading challenge. In an effort to get the most out of the books I read, I want to write down my thoughts, reviews, learnings, and more.
  2. App development: My old roommate and I work on tons of fun side projects. Hopefully you’ll try some of them out. I’ll share updates here.
  3. Building out a non-profit to support first generation college students: I started a scholarship earlier this year to support new Upward Bound graduates from my high school. I’m hoping to expand this and provide more support for alumni in school.

If you found your way here I’m hoping you find at least one of these things interesting and come back for more. Maybe we can even collab.

Stay tuned.

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