My name is Cesar. On the internet, @PleaseRuiz. In groupchats, csr.

I identify most with being just a small town boy. I was born and raised in a small town in Northern CA. Even though I’ve only ever lived in big cities since leaving, who I am will always be rooted in my rural upbringing

After the small town stint, I went to UC Berkeley to learn more about why towns like mine are poor, why they have less opportunities, why some people are treated worse than others, and how I can do my small part in making the world a better place. Although my degree says “Bachelors of Science in Business Administration”, I prefer to tell people “I studied Econ and Public Policy”. It is technically true.

In my free time I work on a yearly video project where I record one second of my day (since 2016), read books, sometimes play the guitar, read WAY too much news, and tweet.

If you want to build a comprehensive psychographic profile on me and make your own assumptions see below:

  • My Myers Briggs is: ENFJ
  • My enneagram is: 2w3
  • I’m a Pisces
  • The official harry potter quiz says I am a Hufflepuff
  • My favorite pokémon is Charmander
  • My favorite season is winter